The Real Constitutional Crisis

All of the hot wind coming out of the New York Times and Washington Post notwithstanding, the real constitutional crisis our country is facing is that our federal government is no longer a representative republic. We have lost that entirely. There are but a handful of members of Congress who truly attempt to represent their constituents.

Why is this? It is the result of decades of eroding away our constitutional limits on federal power. It has come from the unrelenting effort of “well-intentioned” legislators, presidents, and federal judges who have repeatedly federalized issues more properly left to the “several states” in these United States. It has developed as Big Government “progressives” and weak-willed folks from both political parties have come to Washington, D.C. and drunk deeply from the elixir of power, influence, and largesse that pervades that city.

However, these personal and political failings are just symptoms, not the cause. Washington, D.C. is a symptom of a disease that infected our U.S. Constitution a century ago:

The 16th (income tax), 17th (direct election of U.S. senators), and 18th (prohibited manufacture/sale of alcohol) amendments were all adopted within a six year period between 1913 and 1919. They are sometimes referred to as the “progressive” amendments.

The 18th amendment was adopted with the best of intentions by those who championed the cause, and was an attempt at “improving” American society. Prohibition proved to be a colossal failure, but not before causing a massive crime wave and disastrous unintended consequences for our country during the 1920s. It was with a collective sigh of relief that the 21st amendment was passed in 1933 to end Prohibition and repeal the 18th amendment.

Like the 18th amendment, the 16th and 17th were adopted by well-intentioned “progressives” with an agenda to “improve” our “democracy.” Just like the 18th, the legalization of a federal income tax and popular election of U.S. senators have proved to be full of unintended consequences – the least of which is the bloated and un-representative federal government that exists today.

The 16th amendment bequeathed to Washington, D.C. a virtually unlimited revenue stream. One of the important limiting factors for Washington prior to 1913 was the types of tax revenue it could collect, as specifically authorized in the U.S. Constitution. Our massive federal bureaucracy, our bloated budgets, and our metastasizing federal rulemaking could not exist without the Internal Revenue Service and the federal income tax.

However, this is actually not the worst of it. The adoption of the 17th amendment converted U.S. senators from representatives of their states, as elected primarily by their state legislatures, to popularly elected mini-kings and queens who need massive infusions of cash to fund their own statewide network of offices and campaign infrastructure. When combined with the decision of the U.S. Congress in 1921 to stop increasing the number of members of the U.S. House of representatives in proportion to population growth, the 17th amendment fundamentally transformed the relationship between the several states and the D.C. powers-that-be.

In 1913, the states lost their representation in the Senate, and every ten years since 1921, the American people have seen their representation in the U.S. House decline to the point of irrelevance today.

Like the 18th amendment, the “progressive” 16th and 17th amendments have proven to be abject disasters for our American republic. Today’s federal government is a symptom of the disease deliberately infected into our U.S. Constitution by well-meaning “progressives.”

To drain the Washington, D.C. swamp, it will be essential for these two amendments to suffer the same ignominious fate as did Prohibition. It’s time to repeal (and not replace) the 16th and 17th amendments!

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Open Letter to Washington Republicans

Dear Washington Republicans,

Since you have (once again) forgotten, here is what the voters of America elected you to do:

#1 – Repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Not part of it, not tweak it, and certainly not take ownership of it!  Repeal Obamacare entirely, completely, and without exception – and do it using the exact same congressional procedures used by the Democrats to adopt it into law.

#2 – Enact common sense, patient-centered, market-driven healthcare reform aimed at allowing health insurance providers to sell policies across state lines, and expand the usefulness and availability of health savings accounts combined with high deductible insurance to serve as the go-to model for a health insurance system that will promote competition and drive down costs.

#3 – Drain the swamp that is our federal government’s healtcare systems (MediCare, MediCaid, VA, etc.).

Paul Ryan’s SwampCare bill does NONE of these things.  It is not even ObamaCare Lite – it is simply ObamaCare under republican ownership.  It is appalling how dense, blind, and deaf the GOP Congressional Leadership has to be to have come up with such a lousy bill AS A STARTING POINT.

The national republican party is truly dead.  Be sure to thank Paul Ryan for killing it.


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Do I stand with Cruz? …or Trump? …or Carson …or DraftRomney? …or GenericEstablishmentGOPCandidateB?

It is time for this Designated Conservative to take a positive stand. Oh, yes, I’ve emphatically stated that #Jeb! is off my list, and he is. I will not vote for the man, should he manipulate his way into the #GOP nomination.  I’m done with negative ninnies like Bush, Kasich, etc.  The GOP should be too.

My short list of preferred #GOP #POTUS candidates in 2016 has narrowed down to one: #TedCruzScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.30.31 AM

Yes, this is the guy I wrote about awhile back saying that I didn’t think he met the “natural born” standard in the U.S. Constitution.  I still think that the hypocritical #WildLeft will bring that issue up, but #MarkLevin’s analysis has convinced me that he’s OK to run.

I’m glad of that, because Ted Cruz is the real deal, small government constitutional conservative with the right political instincts and the ability to get his message out. He is running a top notch campaign. Like #Trump, he is not afraid of the Political Correctness Police or the State Run Media. Unlike Trump, his ego is of human size.

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Say it with me now: “I will never vote for Jeb! Bush for President.”

Please repeat after me:

“I will never vote for Jeb Bush for President of these Unites States!”  Never.  No. Matter. What.

Thank you.Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.20.42 PM

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Run Jeb Bush, Run – somewhere else……

Like a recurring nightmare, another Bush has arisen to claim title to the crown of 2016 #GOP frontrunner: former Florida Gov. “Jeb” Bush.

Frankly Mr. Bush, I don’t give a darn about your family name or your desire to carry on the “family business.” Your vaguely conservative-leaning fiscal and national security policy preferences combined with your #WildLeft proclivities in the areas of education, immigration and border security make you a lousy republican – but a first-rate Democrat Party nominee for President in 2016.

The first two Bush men were fine presidents on the foreign policy side at least; but both had a nasty tendency to do things domestically that infuriated their voters and demoralized the #GOP base into inaction and worse. The #GOP could not survive another Bush presidency.

Run as a Democrat, Mr. Bush. Run for Governor in Florida again. Move to California or Senegal or some other third world country and offer to be dictator… …anything but a run for the #GOP POTUS nomination in 2016. Please.

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Dear Michigan Republicans – Don’t Mess with the Electoral College!

Messing with the Electoral College is a constitutionally stupid idea. If you want to fix what’s wrong in Washington, D.C., start by repealing the 17th Amendment, which robbed states of their representation in Washington by taking the election of U.S. senators away from state legislatures where it belongs.

Then, demand that Congress do what it historically did after each US. Census until 1920, which was to vote to increase the number of representatives proportional to population growth. In the original 1789 Congress, each member of Congress represented 60,000 people. By 1900 that had crept up to about 100,000 or so people per House seat.

Since then, the size of the House has not effectively increased with population, and so representation has been seriously diluted down to about 800,000 people per seat. That’s not “representation” at all in my opinion.

Only after fixing those to progressive/Woodrow Wilson-era mistakes should we consider doing anything to the Electoral College.

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Ypsilanti Charter Revision Question Deserves a “Yes!”

City of Ypsilanti Charter Revision Question:

For our readers in the City of Ypsilanti, please hunt down the charter revision question on the ballot and vote “YES!” to adopt the updated Home Rule Charter proposed by the Ypsilanti Charter Revision Commission.

The new charter includes a number of common sense improvements, such as non-partisan elections for Mayor and City Council, that just might save this fair city from the mediocre and sometimes dangerously incompetent leadership that bubbled to the surface under the auspices of the current charter.

If you don’t like living under a massive (and growing) property tax burden in a city with a debt from a former Mayor’s failed redevelopment scheme that is several times larger than the entire annual budget, then this updated City Charter is for you!

The current charter completely disenfranchises 70% of the voters, leaving the wildest of Wild Leftist 30% to make the choices of who is in charge.  The new Charter, with a non-partisan ballot, has the potential to change the dynamic in City Hall for the better.

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What to do with all of these 2012 Michigan ballot proposals?

There are six ballot proposals to wade through this year, of which five are constitutional amendments.  There are many places where voters can learn more about the proposals; my favorites are here, here, and especially here.

All but proposal 12-01 are amendments to the state constitution.

My advice?  When in doubt, vote “No!” on all constitutional amendments.

Here are my (slightly more specific) thoughts on the proposals:

Proposal 1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law

Public Act 4 (the emergency manager law) is working, as evidenced by the successes happening in Ecorse, Benton Harbor, and elsewhere.  The law is needed to clean up other municipal basket-cases, and the reason the Democrats don’t like it is because nearly all of the basket-case local governments have been run by entrenched one-party Democrat super-majorities for decades.  Vote “Yes!” to keep this successful law on the books!

Proposal 2: The ‘Collective Bargaining’ Amendment

A potential economic disaster for Michigan in the making.  Vote “NO!” and ask your friends to do the same.

Proposal 3: ’25 x 25′ Renewable Energy Standard

The Wild Leftist environmental mob is doubling down on ex-Gov. Granholm’s signature piece of legislation by trying to entrench these even more arbitrary “green energy” benchmarks into the state constitution, where they definitely do not belong.  Vote “No!” to protect the constitution from special interest SPAM!

Proposal 4: The Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers

The Big (public sector) Union thugs are pushing hard to keep their tax money siphoning scheme alive, after the republicans in the state legislature and Attorney General Bill Schuette finally turned off the tap.

This scheme (also a signature “accomplishment” of the worst modern Michigan Governor – Granholm) has already diverted $Millions from home care workers and their patients – vote “No!” to turn off the flow of our tax dollars to Big Union coffers.

Proposal 5: The Two-Thirds Majority Tax Limitation

This one is very tempting, but the potential unintended consequences of this amendment are enormous.  This Designated Conservative is voting no on #5.

Proposal 6: The International Bridge/Tunnel Voting Requirement

MI Gov. Rick Snyder (R) deserves a voter smackdown for his arrogant and foolish manipulations to find a way to take an end run around the elected representatives of the citizens of Michigan to get his “free” international bridge project approved via special agreements with Canada and the federal government.

Proposal #6 is that smackdown, and this Designated Conservative is highly motivated to send a message to the Governor that his actions on the bridge issue are unacceptable.

However, the same law of unintended consequences applies here as it does with #5 above, especially since the wording of the proposal is so lousy that it may actually require a vote of the people for any future bridge project in Michigan!  In the end, this Designated Conservative will likely vote “no” on #6.

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Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co. General Election Picks for 2012

This Designated Conservative occasionally gets asked, “Who are you voting for this November?”  Here are my favorites for the 2012 general election on November 6th:
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And the award for Most Vile Campaign 2012 goes to… …Pete Hoekstra!

This Designated Conservative just received the ugliest political campaign robo-call ever from Michigan GOP candidate Pete Hoekstra’s campaign for U.S. Senate, disguised as a telephone poll.

This one was no poll. It was a mud-slinging “do you still want to vote for the other guy after hearing this nasty rumor? How about if we add on this additional unsupported criminal accusation?”

I guarantee that I will never cast a vote for a candidate who allows his campaign to behave this way. If Pete Hoekstra should win his primary election on Tuesday, this Designated Conservative will do the unthinkable:

I would rather mark my November ballot for his Democrat opponent, Sen. Debbie Stabenow than to support any republican candidate who pulls a “PeteHoekstra” move like this in a primary election.

Step by step, Mr. Hoekstra’s lousy style of campaigning has turned this voter from a supporter in 2010 to a guaranteed “No Pete, No Way!” vote this November. Nice job, Mr. Hoekstra.

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