Stop Governor Granholm before she plans our economy again!

Nick over at recently posted the following news item:

Unemployment rate hits 9.3% (!!!) while 74,000 Michiganders lose their jobs

Remember back during the 2006 campaign when Jennifer Granholm and John Cherry traveled the state telling folks they had a plan and they were “working that plan and we’re working it and we’re working it and we’re working it?”

Whatever that meant.

Apparently their plan was to kill a lot of Michigan jobs.  Suppose today’s news makes them awfully proud.  The Associated Press reports that Michigan’s unemployment rate skyrocketed from 8.7 percent in September to a staggering, decades worst 9.3% in October.

All told, Michigan has lost 74,000 jobs in the last year alone.

Just for perspective, nearly nine years ago under republican Governor John Engler and a republican state legislature, Michigan’s unemployment rate was hanging around in the 3.2% to 3.5% range.  All of this has led me to decide to offer the following open letter to our honorable Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm:

Governor Granholm,

As a taxpayer and small business owner in Michigan, I’ve noticed that you’ve been working hard to implement your plan for improving Michigan’s economy.

Please stop.

Yes, immediately.  Stop now, before you make another plan.  Don’t do it, even if you really want to.  Please stop right this minute.

I’m certain that you’ve done everything you can possibly do to the Michigan economy at this point.  Of course, I must admit that I also thought this same thought back in 2007, and look how much further down the road we’ve gone since then!  It is amazing what a few Democrats in power can do when they put their minds to it!

I wasn’t kidding, please stop.

Respectfully yours.

A designated conservative

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