“Igor” on DVD – “A Clockwork Orange” for Kids?

Igoris an animated movie from MGM Studios that premiered in theaters in 2008, and which comes out on DVD later this month.  As part of our new feature for designated conservative parentsmovie reviews for kids by kids, we offer the following review of “Igor” authored by a crack team of under-18-year-olds:

IGOR is a new movie about a hunchback servant who takes an opportunity to become an evil scientist by building life in the form of a female monster named Eva.  Igor also created a rabbit that will live forever, but he is always committing suicide in new and horrible ways and then coming back to life.

This movie didn’t have a good spirit about it, and it was very dark.  Most of the characters were mean and would do almost anything to get what they want.  They stole, they spoke meanly to each other, and they lied.  We didn’t like how almost everyone in this movie thought that the only way to get to the top was to step on everyone on the way up.  

Igor was not as good as we thought it would be from the previews.  It had many funny parts, but most of them were not laugh-out-loud funny and some were even mean!  One thing that we did like was that it had good visuals. 

Igor is the worst movie that we have reviewed.  On a scale of one soda (worst) to 5 sodas (best), we give this movie one soda.  This rating fits this movie perfectly because the only part that was good was a couple minutes at the end.

Mom asked us to also include a comment from her especially for parents: 

Igor includes topics generally not acceptable for children, including a brainwashing scene reminiscent of the movie ’A Clockwork Orange.’  The storyline wanders and children may not understand the significance of the good that happens in the end.  I found it very disturbing that Igor is being marketed as a movie suitable for children of any age.  It is not.”

FYI – Our reviewers were not the only ones to find that Igor is not the kid-friendly movie it was marketed to be:  Get your second opinion review here.



 In a previous posting, we discussed the phenomenon of “ratings creep” in which movies that once warranted an “R” rating now routinely receive a “PG-13.”  This morning this designated conservative came across a great column by Chris Hicks on this same topic, with the catchy title of “Movie Raters Have Officially Lost Their Minds.”  Here is an excerpt:

 …the current moviegoing season seems to have confirmed that the people who rate the movies have officially lost their minds.

There are a number of newly released PG-13 movies that contain a surprising amount of sexual material — from serious-minded epics (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) to frivolous holiday flicks (“Four Christmases”).

In fact, sexual content has become so commonplace in PG-13 pictures that many of us who attend movies regularly have become numb to it. Not a good thing.

Sadly, it’s the way of the show-biz world.

Whatever happened to taste and sensitivity? To subtlety and wit?

For designated conservative parents, it once was good enough to have a family policy to avoid “R” rated movies.  How sad of a state is our American culture in that in order to protect our children’s minds (and our own) from gratuitous sexual images, we may now have to choose to avoid most PG-13 movies too!

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