Champion by Choice

The designated conservative recently came across this poem (below) once again – it had been saved long ago, and forgotten for a time.  It was a fortuitous find, just as many Americans outside of the Washington Beltway are going back to basics and returning to core values.  In the age of Obama, economic nationalization, and liberalism on parade, it’s good to remember what is most important:

Champion by Choice

Handsome is as handsome does is a saying, very true

It makes a world of difference what things you say and do.

If you love the Lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength

You will give your time and talents and your means to any length.

Your bosom will burn with Gospel truth, a chill goes up your spine

And you thank the Lord with all your soul for the plan of life divine.

The blessings of the Priesthood from heaven are inspired

And the Gospel of Jesus Christ is much to be desired.

With open arms embrace it put your shoulder to the wheel,

Keep your feet upon the narrow path, the ways of sin are real.

Incline your ear to the word of God, an eye single to His glory,

Guard well your tongue, its utterance may change your whole life’s story.

Avoid the use of liquor as also cigarettes,

School your feelings and your passions then harbor no regrets.

The Lord bids that you return to Him His help is always nigh,

The Devil bids to claim you too, your bid will break the tie.

Find in your opportunities rich blessings at your feet,

With faith and works, it is yourself with whom you must compete.

Be happy, be your own best friend, fear not to raise your voice

In defense of truth, be a champion, a champion by choice.

(author unknown)
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