Chicken Little was Right, Unfortunately

This Designated Conservative has occasionally been accused of being optimistic, even about the state of the economy.  We in the Great Lakes State of Michigan led the country into this recession, after all – why not lead the country out of it?  Why not, indeed….


It seemed for a moment or so last month as I talked with folks ‘in the know’ that it was possible – just maybe possible – that Michigan had finally hit bottom and was starting up towards a better day economically.  The signs were small, but there.

Then along came President Obama’s economic dream team and NooVoodoo Obamanomics.  The great savior of American liberalism, Chief Mage Barack Obama, steps in to ‘rescue capitalism’ and properly socialize America with the culture of entitlement.  Optimism in the DCON household is now swirling down the drain of socialism….

Like many, the Designated Conservative thought that President Obama would move carefully, feigning a moderate/center-left approach to governing while moving ‘under the radar’ to implement his socialist agenda.

O how wrong we were, folks.  O how great the lamentation and gnashing of teeth going on among us designated conservatives who seek to be responsible, struggle to manage ever increasing tax bills, and scramble to keep our mortgage payments current!

We now stand all amazed as the Great American ship of state is deliberately steered into the path of a huge Depressocratic iceberg of economic ruin by First Mate Pelosi and Captain Obama’s crewmates Reid, Schumer, and Dr. Frankendodd.

If the federal government had done nothing, lifted not a proverbial finger to bail out the Big Banks and Wall Street firms, the resulting wave of Big Bankruptcies would’ve been painful but recoverable.  After all, many banks in the U.S. and virtually all of the Canadian banks did not get mired into risky investments like derivatives.  They will survive and even prosper under such circumstances, while those that created the mess would suffer the worst consequences.

If the “Too Big To Fail” banks and investment firms that helped to create this economic mess had been allowed to fail, eventually other banks and investment firms (from the financial “farm teams” as it were) would take their place.  We would feel the pain, but wouldn’t be paying their bills for them as we are now under Bailout Nation.

Unfortunately, paying out and suffering consequences is what we will be doing for years to come.  Even (still communist) China and (formerly-communist-and-now-re-Imperializing) Russia understand this simple fact – their leaders are upset that our Democrat Party leadership does not!

The Federal Reserve is now printing money with the financial taps wide open (a.k.a., the Zimbabwe Method).  This too has consequences:  As Glenn Beck from Fox News points out in the video below, the Crash is Coming…

Tell your family and friends – this a forewarning.  The Obamaconomy is coming, and will effect everyone worldwide.

How quickly the wheels come off the vehicle of government when voters hand the keys to children!

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