Keith Olbermann v. Twitter

What goes on at MSNBC is astounding, disgusting, and has been so under successive administrations.” – Dan Cooper

The following is an excerpt from an absolutely astounding post by Caleb Howe (profile) over at, who notes that:

“You can find both Dan and me on the Twitter, assuming you don’t have an Olbermann level of internet skill. I’m sure we’ll be tweeting about this all day.”

New Revelations In Case of Olbermann v. Twitter

OR: Why The Internet Invented The Phrase “Epic Fail”

The first lapse in research you already know about. Keith predicated his entire segment on the notion that he had no Twitter account, therefore the account in his name was fraudulent. Of course, it wasn’t true. MSNBC ran the Twitter account in Keith’s name. But believe me, this is only the beginning of an epic fail.

Did Olbermann Tweet His Anti-Twitter Screed?

I’m going to summarize up front. It’s too good to drag out. Not only is Olbermann wrong about being on Twitter, he’s twice wrong. His own show runs a very active Twitter feed. As in, in addition to the one Olbermann was on about. The person who he smeared as a fraud and a Fox News operative is not who Olbermann thinks he is. Even the email to Olbermann may not be what he thinks it is. In short, there was virtually no factual statement from Keith’s mouth when he named Twitter “Worst Person” and called the account a fraud.


How Did This Happen?

So what started all this? An email to Olbermann with Dan Cooper’s name in it. I asked Dan if he had any theories about who might have been the source of the email. I also asked Twitter for comment on the email but haven’t heard back. Here’s what Dan had to say:

“After a week of intense detective work I believe I have discovered the identity of the person who sent the email in question to KO. I made the connection this morning. It seems to pan out, and I’m speaking as an actual, not “fake” journalist.”

“The sender of the email appears to be a young, college-age woman. This woman is a diehard Democratic activist. She is a tireless supporter of President Obama, his cabinet and staff, and of many other Democratic politicians. The young woman is an ardent fan of Keith Olbermann, of Countdown, and watches Countdown and Olbermann’s hosting of major events on MSNBC. This woman is a “follower” and fan of mine on Twitter. I admire her dedication, intelligence and youthful spunk as well. We do not know each other personally, and have never communicated outside of Twitter. It is my guess that her purpose in sending the email to Olbermann was to urge him to “follow” me, dancoopermedia, on Twitter. And that’s all there is to it. Everything else is a fever dream in Keith Olbermann’s noggin.”

The internet is not a truck. It’s, it’s a series of tubes!

Not only is Olbermann’s total lack of research and complete absence of journalistic curiosity exposed by this story, his familiarity with the internet is decidedly at question. “I‘m not on Twitter. I tried to sign up last summer and abandoned the project.” Tried to sign up? Project?! Remember the frenzy about McCain being technology illiterate? Just asking.

You know, it’s not for nothing that journolist trashed Olbermann, but I’m starting to think he wouldn’t have understood the list in the first place. Any day now we might see Olbermann’s Worst Person be: “… the gentleman from Nigeria. You, sir, have failed to return my emails. Indeed, not only have you and the Prime Minister you so recently worked for refused to deposit my 100,000 euros, you have withdrawn a great deal of my own money!”

Click here to read the whole post and view the video.


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2 Responses to Keith Olbermann v. Twitter

  1. Sharky says:

    A fake Olbermann twitter account was set up, which later got handed by twitter to NBC to prevent fraud. Olberman didn’t know about it.

    Just one of those small details coveratives miss.

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