When Democrats can’t win a solid Blue State election….

The following is an excerpt from what came across the Designated Conservative‘s inbox this morning from Atlas Shrugs:


The Democrat Party has a long and sordid history of doing everything it posiibly can to disenfrachise the vote of our military.  The special election in New York’s Congressional District 20 is no exception.

New York, a notoriously blue state, had to run a special election to fill Kirsten Gillibrand’s upstate New York House seat (she was selected Hillary Clinton as NY’s Senator). This special election was of enormous import for (President) Obama. It became a national referendum on his performance.  Obama and Vice President Joe Biden campaigned for Murphy….  

Obama took this county with a 30% lead but the election results are a dead heat. And while the Democrats are are claiming a “great victory” for dear leader the fact is the results are 20 votes apartBut the absentee and military vote has not been counted.

Knowing the military skews pro-American (Republican) the depraved Democrats are trying to pull a Franken and steal another election by once again screwing the military out of their right to vote.

They have no other avenue. Democrats has no illegal voting apparatus here in NY. It is a blue state and Democrat illegal activity is always most active in purple states and districts. They don’t have to do an ACORN here.  (That) will not stop them. The fascists will undermine and usurp the will of the people.

The bottom line? Two months into his failed presidency — Obama could not pull out a win in a bluer than blue state.

Dan over at Gathering of Eagles has the latest Democrat skulduggery here:  Democrat Party Screws Military Again in NY

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