Michigan’s (R)-Lite Campaigners on Display

MidlandRepublican has posted video evidence on RightMichigan.com of candidate Rick Snyder’s blatant move to buy votes and manipulate the results of the straw poll at the Michigan Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island (click here to view the video).

It appears that Mr. Snyder’s own handlers are acting like he is a bit too (R)-lite of a candidate right now. Why bother going to the Republican Leadership Conference if you need to hire a bunch of college kids, pay for them to attend the conference, AND hold their room keys hostage to get their votes in the straw poll for MI Governor?

The Detroit News has weighed in on this topic with an article entitled, “Students’ Behavior at GOP Event Questioned.” Here’s an excerpt:

Questions continue to be raised about the behavior of college students at the state Republicans’ leadership conference on Mackinac Island with some asked to vow to vote for their candidates or risk losing their rooms and others charging that underage drinking was rampant.

Gubernatorial hopeful Rick Snyder has been accused of capturing the top spot in an exclusive Detroit News/WJR NewsTalk 760 AM straw poll during the Sept. 25-27 gathering by having students sign a letter vowing to vote for the Ann Arbor businessman in the poll or risk losing the free hotel rooms and island ferry rides.

Some of the hundreds of bright-green clad students who Snyder brought to the island were asked to sign a “contract” which reads, in part: “I have read the above and understand that my staying in a Rick for Michigan sponsored hotel room and traveling on a Rick for Michigan ferry is contingent upon voting for Rick Snyder in the straw poll.”

Snyder campaign spokesman Jake Suski said the form was created to help ferret out “infiltrators” from other campaigns who were trying to get a free trip and didn’t support Snyder.  He also noted the island was swarming with volunteers sent by other candidates, lobbying firms and the Republican Party.

To come up with our group and not to support Rick or to support other candidates would have been…

…dishonest,” Suski said.

Mike Cox 2010 spokesman Stu Sandler said Cox’s campaign also brought a large number of volunteers to the island, and the campaign paid for their meals and accommodations.  (Attorney General Cox’s) volunteers signed an agreement they would represent Cox admirably, wouldn’t break the law and wouldn’t drink underage, but he said voting for Cox wasn’t part of the deal.

In case Mr. Snyder’s campaign staff isn’t aware I’ll say it here:  Buying votes and manipulating results do not constitute “leadership” in the Michigan Republican Party.

As a designated conservative of this party, me thinks they had a wee bit too much ta drink, laddie! (if you think this is how to win the hearts and minds of Michigan voters).  Now, hand over your keys and we’ll give you a ride back home from the Island!

The Designated Conservative heard this first on his favorite local radio talk show, Thayrone‘s On The Edge (WAAM 1600AM).  Next, A Conservative Teacher posted “an exclusive story of how Michigan Governor-hopeful Rick Synder Blackmailed Young Supporters for Votes in the Straw Poll on Mackinac Island” (see comments below or click here for the story).

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  1. Check out my post today on my blog- it is an exclusive story of how Michigan Governor-hopeful Rick Synder Blackmailed Young Supporters for Votes in the Straw Poll on Mackinac Island.
    Check it out at:

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