Washtenaw County’s WISD Millage Redux?


This Designated Conservative has been assured by those who should know that there are no plans to resurrect the WISD millage for another vote.  File this rumor in the circular file! 🙂


Rumor has it that some powers-that-be in our ten local school districts here in the Ann Arbor area are considering taking a second bite out of a rotten apple!

The rumor is that there will be an effort made to bring the overwhelmingly defeated WISD “enhancement” millage back for another vote

on the May 2010 special election date.

Perhaps the thought is that, since turnout has been historically infinitesimal for May school elections, the WISD millage might make it in under the taxpayers’ radar.  Good luck with that!

This Designated Conservative hopes that the rumors are true.  Why?  Because it will make our job so much easier as we push to change the toxic business climate in Michigan and the current leadership void in Lansing by electing conservatives and republicans to state and county offices.  Campaigning against the WISD millage in the beautiful Michigan spring weather would be a great way to jumpstart the 2010 election season!

I am looking forward to going door-to-door with more “Vote No on the WISD Millage” literature in one hand, and republican candidate literature in the other:  “Here’s an example of the tax-and-spend, big government, Democrat Party status quo in action – and here are the republican candidates with real solutions to Fix Michigan!”

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