The Inside Scoop (of what, we sometimes aren’t sure…)

This Designated Conservative enjoys living in the high-speed, wireless broadband-centered community of Ypsilanti, because of the wealth of local news and information that can be found online for our community, including the Ypsilanti Citizen,, and the online Ypsilanti Courier.  Add in the “hardcopy” Courier newspaper on Thursdays, and we are awash in local news and information!

One of my favorite places to get the “inside scoop” about city government is…, where one of our city councilmembers offers up details ranging from pending state budget cuts to today’s tidbit:  A “conversation” about the Water Street project.  Very funny, and I learned something to boot!  Here’s a bit:

When I feel the need to take the pulse of the other side, I can always find it fussing or obfuscating over at  Especially ex-councilmember Gawlas, who rarely responded well to folks that disagreed with him while he was in office, and can usually be counted on for an underwhelming but snarky comment against those who are trying to clean up the mess he and ex-Mayor Farmer left behind….

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