Pray for our Country

The Designated Conservative is a Glenn Beck fan, but gets exhausted watching his TV show. The frenetic pace and his “wall of sound” method of presenting information can take its toll. However, his 3/24/2010 show was one of his best, and definitely worth your time and energy. For all of our Tea Party fans, patriots, and folks aggravated with the direction President Obama and his First Mate Pelosi are taking this country, this is the one to watch. It is time to pray for our country, pray for miracles in our time, pray for divine intervention to right the ship before the United States founders under a sea of debt and broken promises.

Click here to find the links to all four parts of the program. The first 21 minutes ran commercial free.

In case you were wondering, here is what the liberal side thinks of all this, click here and here.

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