UPDATE: YpsiWard ][: Farmer Gawlas Strikes Back


With the filing deadline now passed for the August primary, the Designated Conservative is pleased to report that this rumor proved to be false.  We have a couple of political newcomers running for the Ward 2 City Council seat instead.


The Designated Conservative stands amazed this morning, having just gotten the news heard the rumor that ex-City Councilmember John Gawlas, the man who has lost every contested Democrat primary election he has stood for (anointment as an unopposed candidate appears to have been his favored strategy), is planning to run yet again for Ypsilanti’s Ward 2 City Council seat being vacated by Bill Nickels.

Apparently Mr. Gawlas is also already on the attack again against fellow Democrats, even before they get on the ballot! Here’s what he had so say about Ms. Moeller, a potential rival for the ward 2 Council seat (bottom tweet):

The overwhelming NO! vote against John Gawlas in 2008 was not enough.  More apparently, Mr. Gawlas has forgotten his record of leadership failures, and hopes that the voters have as well. I don’t think so, John.

What should be most apparent to Ypsilanti voters is that Mr. Gawlas himself will be the only true “cheap retread” on the Democrat primary election ballot this August!

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