The Tea Party Will Destroy? I Think Not.

This Designated Conservative always enjoys reading A Conservative Teacher‘s blog, but I have to take issue with the recent posting entitled, “How the Tea Party will Destroy the Republican Party.”  Since A Conservative Teacher‘s blog doesn’t have a comments section, I’ll do so here and encourage ing A Conservative Teacher to add any additional thoughts below:

(FYI – regarding re-posting of the original piece – I typically prefer to post a few excerpts and a link to the original, but this time I couldn’t make the Reader’s Digest version work – so I posted the whole thing)

A Conservative Teacher


Republicans, especially national Republicans and moderate Republicans, are idiots, and because they are idiots, they will make the Tea Party destroy the Republican Party. Let me back up- I just read today that rather then let the conservative Republican candidate Mark Rubio win the Senate seat in Florida, moderate Republican candidate Charlie Crist is going to run as an independent if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination.

Mark Rubio won the backing of the Tea Party movement and embraced its principles of limited government, personal freedom, individual liberty, and a free market, and because of that national Republicans encouraged Crist to run as an independent. The result is that the Democratic nominee will win that Senate race.

Some Tea Party people are going to assume that this means that national Republicans and moderate Republicans would rather a big government liberal Democrat win political power than allow conservatives to win power, and a growing number of them then will turn on the Republican party that turned on them and punish them at the polls, by voting independent, ‘Conservative Party,’ or staying home. The national Republicans are going to destroy the Republican Party in their attempt to silence their best chance at getting back in power.

The Tea Party is going to destroy the Republican Party- because the Republicans in the party are idiots.

I would like to clarify that not all Republicans are idiots, at the national level it is primarily the National Republican Senatorial Committee – the folks who help U.S. Senators get elected and (more importantly to them) stay elected.  The NRSC has behaved foolishly in a number of Senate races this year, to their detriment and that of the national GOP as well.  On the other hand, the national GOP’s House Committee has been a good resource, and they seem to be doing a decent job for up-and-coming republican House candidates.

I just spoke with a Floridian this afternoon who tells me things are not nearly as bleak as ing A Conservative Teacher suggests.  The Crist-Independent campaign is on top of the polls and he may be a national media darling at the moment, but he is not liked in Florida (sounds like a Michigan governor we know!).  My source says his campaign will fall back to a distant third place, and he will likely pull more Democrats away than he will Republicans in November.

The Tea Party folks I’ve spoken with are looking for conservative, small government candidates to support, and are not in a mood to “punish” the republicans, despite the NRSC’s idiocy.  The comments I’ve gotten back locally are that, “we did that in 2006 and 2008, and what did it get us?  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  Not again.

BTW – IMHO, if the Tea Party supporters continue to grow their ranks and are successful this year in electing many small government, fiscally conservative republican candidates to state and federal offices, the Tea Party will not  in up destroying the Republican Party, they will end up leading it!

On a related note about the 2010 U.S. House races:

We have a very good candidate in the Michigan 15th Congressional District – Dr. Rob Steele.  He is taking on Congressman-for-Life Dingell, and I see his chances of success as remarkably good considering that the last time the district didn’t have a Dingell in the seat Michigan was in the midst of a prolonged economic depression! (wait a minute… hmmmm…. coincidence?)

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One Response to The Tea Party Will Destroy? I Think Not.

  1. A lot of people in the Tea Party movement are new to politics, so they not understand two important points- 1. vote as conservative in the primary as possible but vote Republican in the general, and 2. it is a two-party system. I fear that many Tea Party people (enough to make a difference) will not understand these two points and will end up putting Democrats in office instead. I guess we’ll find out.

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