Republicans, republicans (almost) everywhere in Washtenaw County!

For the first time in many, many years, there will be republican party candidates on the November 2010 general election ballot in almost every state representative district covering Washtenaw County.  It is almost an embarrassment of riches to this designated conservative!

A quote on sums up this new political world in 2010:

“‘I will oppose any attempt to raise taxes or expand the state budget’ (are) words never heard in the 54th (state rep district) during Rep. Alma Smith’s tenure.”

In addition to Rodney Nanney running in the 54th (Augusta and Ypsilanti north to Salem Twp.), we have…

…County Commissioner Mark Ouimet off to a strong start running in the 52nd District (Ann Arbor and Scio townships west to the county line).

In the 55th District (Saline, York, and Pittsfield townships plus a chunk of Monroe Co.), a three or four-way republican primary battle is brewing, including county resident Rick Olson and York Township Supervisor Joe Zurawski.  The only district without a republican candidate is the 53rd, which includes the majority of the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor (city).

It is essential that we offer our help and give generously to these candidates, so this Designated Conservative encourages readers to visit the candidates’ sites and make an investment in a better future for Washtenaw County and the whole state.

With the (financial and volunteer) help of the many designated conservatives, republicans, and fiscally conservative independents residing in this county, we have the potential to elect as many as three republican state representatives this fall.


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