2010 Clean Sweep Congress

This Designated Conservative is tired from holding the keys of so many Washington D.C. Kool Aid-enebriated Republicans in the U.S. Congress, especially the U.S. Senate. I’m exhausted from fending off senato(R)s and (R)epresentatives who drank too much of the Pelosi/Obama spiked Kool Aid and still want to drive the policy bus.

In fact, my pockets were so full that I have to admit relief when My Beloved Friend and Highly Esteemed Colleague The Honorable Senior Senator from the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Arlen Specter came to me last week and said that he was leaving the party.  I gave him his keys after he promised that he was just going to walk across the hall to go home.  The Honorable Senator Specter has been such a high maintenance partier (always making a scene and wanting things his way) that I’m hoping that he doesn’t come back!

After the disastrous 2006 Republican majority and mortifying 2008 Democrat majority, I propose a new voting scheme for 2010:


All of them, every single member of the current U.S. Congress. All 535 of them.

As a voter, all we need to remember when faced with our 2010 general election ballot is to vote against the incumbent.

  • If your current congressman is a Democrat, vote for the Republican challenger.
  • If your current representative or senator is a Republican, go for the Democrat.

I know that this may result in the loss of a few good men and women in Congress; consider them to be patriotic victims of friendly fire….  …and as for all of you Ron Paul Republicans and Libertarians, I will add this sweetener:

  • If your current congressman has no major party challenger, vote for the third party candidate whose name appears first on the ballot.

If we all, that is the qualified and registered actual voting citizens of the United States of America, choose to follow this method, the result will be an unqualified “throw the bums out” anti-incumbent sweep of the detritus that is the current U.S. Congress.

A worthy goal to be sure.

I know that some folks may not be pleased with the results, but it will be worth the pain for the good of the country.  Besides, I have no doubt that the good folks in the deeply red states like Utah can put up with Democrat representatives for a couple of years, and we in Michigan definitely need a rest from our majority Democrat congressional delegation!

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5 Responses to 2010 Clean Sweep Congress

  1. Nick says:

    If the universe were made up of entirely spending issues I’d agree with you… alas, the upcoming SCOTUS nomination hearings illustrate the importance of keeping as many of the good guys around as possible… friendly fire is a rotten thing.

    But I get the sentiment. For sure.


    • This should not be considered as advice to those select few voters who take the time, often days or weeks before an election, to read up on the candidates and issues, print out their sample ballot, and decide ahead of time who they will vote for on election day.

      Perhaps I need to clarify the post to indicate that this is advice to those voters who go into the polling place with a clean slate and an open mind; that is, they consider their options and make their decisions only when actually confronted with their ballot. It’s hard to know whether ‘your’ incumbent [(D) or {R)] is a “good” incumbent under those circumstances, so the best hope we have for a good outcome is for these voters to simply vote against all those labeled as “incumbent” on the ballot.

  2. I’m with you 100%. Throw them all out. They don’t represent us anymore. They’re too busy suckling on their special interest groups.

  3. Victoria Patrick says:

    Very great article! Truely!

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