Tea Party, Defined

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The Designated Conservative has to laugh out loud each time someone at CNN, MSNBC, or locally at MarkMaynard.com offers up a “teabagger” comment, since all it does is show the shallowness of their secondary education experience:

As any Anglophile or student of colonial American history knows, the English abhor tea bags.  Colonial America was a tea bag free zone (Lipton being a modern era “improvement” to the tea drinking experience!)….

As a public service for our liberal democrat readers, this Designated Conservative offers up the following definition of “Tea Party:”

The Tea Parties are about:

  1. protesting the growing (and unconstitutional) intrusiveness of our federal government in the lives of individual American citizens;
  2. raising awareness and public consternation about the resulting erosion of personal freedom and liberty;
  3. reversing the unconstitutional usurping of state sovereignty by the Democrat Congressional leadership and Obama Administration; and
  4. reining in the borrow-and-spend proclivities and creeping socialistic tendencies of our ballooning federal government.

Like the first Boston Tea Party, taxes have part in the above – but are not the be-all and end-all of the protests.

Most importantly (like the first Tea Party) today’s Tea Party movement has nothing at all to do with actual “tea bags” or the crass term “teabagging.”

For those looking for local Tea Party meetings and activities in the Ypsilanti area, a great place to start would be Mr. Dennis Moore and the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus he leads.  Another nearby group is Rattle With Us, which meets in Plymouth.

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