The Next Attack on America

The Old Jarhead has posted an essay describing a hypothetical next attack by Al Qaeda on America.  I encourage every American to read this post.  Here is an excerpt:

Essay: The Next Terrorist Attack on America

Al Qaeda, on the run during the Bush years, is enjoying a resurgence as the Taliban pushes back into Afghanistan. Bin Laden will be eager to demonstrate that the election of an appeasement-minded US President will make no difference to the global jihad’s goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate, with all people brought into the Dar al-Islam under Shari’a Law. Everyone must become a Muslim, a Dhimmi paying the Jizra tax to the caliphate and subservient to Muslims in rights, or a corpse.

Twenty-four well-trained, fanatical young men, Jihadists from Muslim countries, set out for Mexico, where their appearance allows them to blend in. They meet pre-arranged contacts among the ruthless Mexican drug cartels, which have been well-paid in advance in funds from the oil-producing Muslim countries, rich off American dollars as Americans cannot drill for oil here, or substitute nuclear power, due to political restraints.

The cartels, who will do anything for money, have agreed to smuggle them into the United States. It is, in fact, easier than smuggling in the automatic weapons, hand grenades and C-4 explosive that is already waiting for them, at considerable cost.

The men are smuggled in, by different cartels using different routes, in teams of four. Twenty get through to marry up with the weapons and explosives. The four who are apprehended, in rare bad luck for the smugglers, have cover stories ready. They have fake IDs, are unarmed and not carrying drugs. Their cover stories are that they are fleeing Islamic extremism to build a new life of freedom in the United States. In a rare show of fortitude by the government, they are deported to the countries on their false ID, despite the protest of CAIR and various professional leftist America-bashers.

The five successful teams are delivered to their weapon catches and to cars already provided for them. They disperse across the country, driving carefully and obeying all speed laws. Police do not stop them, fearful of being accused of “profiling.”

Once in place, they check in by E-mail with a pre-arranged code “1453” to a cut-out contact, who relays it to Bin Laden, through a secure network. An American security agent intercepts the e-mail due to the foreign destination, but 1453, the year Constantinople fell to an earlier Muslim aggression means nothing to him. (See:

There they wait, keeping a lower profile than the 9/11 attackers, thinking Americans will be more alert now. They have nothing to fear on that score.

Finally the message “Mehmed” comes back to their new Yahoo e-mail accounts. Again, it has meaning only to them. At a planned time, all five teams move against their pre-selected targets.

Team one, trained to drive 18-wheelers, moves first, at 4:00 am, seizing two gasoline trucks with sleeping, unarmed drivers at a truck stop near a large, west-coast city. They kill the drivers, but keep the bodies in the trucks, which they drive to a large bridge leading into the city. At 7:30 am Pacific Time, they drive onto the bridge half a bridge length apart, stop the trucks as though broken down, and set explosive timers for ten minutes. They then begin shooting drivers and passengers on either end of the bridge, creating panic. The first police car arrives just as the fuel tankers explode. People caught between the two conflagrations begin diving into the river, to their deaths. The bridge will be unusable for a year, but thankfully does not collapse as the terrorists hoped.

At the same time, Team Two seizes a rural elementary school in a Midwestern county without a SWAT team. After killing three adults and a boy caught in the fire, they herd the teachers and students into the gym for better control….

Click here to read the entire essay.

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