Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co. 2010 Primary Election Picks

Regarding this year’s primary election on August 3rd, the Designated Conservative has been asked many times “Who’s Who” and “Which way are you voting?”  For my readers, I will offer my thoughts and preferences on various races and candidates:

Michigan Governor:  Pete Hoekstra (R) is a conservative former business executive who happens to be the right candidate with the right experience to be successful as Governor, right now.

Michigan House:

State Representative, District 52:  Mark Ouimet (R)

State Representative, District 54:  Rodney Nanney (R)

State Representative, District 55:  Rick Olson (R)

Michigan Senate:  State Senator, District 18:  John Hochstetler (R), a farmer from the west side of the county, focused on strengthening our agricultural economy (one of the top three sectors of the Michigan economy, along with tourism and manufacturing).  The Designated Conservative met Mr. Hochstetler at a recent republican party event, and was impressed with his practical, let’s-solve-the-problem approach to all that afflicts us in Michigan these days.

Washtenaw County Commissioner:

District 2 (Northfield, Salem, part of Superior townships):  Dan Smith (R), currently a Northfield Twp. Trustee.  This was a difficult choice, because the Designated Conservative is also impressed with Dr. Ben Colmery (R), a local veterinarian running for office for the first time.

District 5 (eastern part of Ypsilanti township):  Dan Benefiel (R), a member of the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus and first-time candidate.  Dan has been everywhere it seems, going door-to-door for his campaign.  He understands the budget and other issues facing the county, and if he puts as much energy into being County Commissioner, folks in Ypsilanti Twp. will be well represented on the Board of Commissioners!

District 6 (City of Ypsilanti and part of Ypsilanti Twp.):  Mark Namatevs (D), because Mr. Peterson has been in this seat for far too long and has done far too little to help the City of Ypsilanti be successful in dealing with fiscal challenges, especially in the area of public safety.

City of Ypsilanti, Mayor and City Council:

Mayor:  Pete Murdock (D). Pete and his wife Grace were the organizers and driving forces behind the successful “Stop the City Income Tax” campaign in 2007.  Pete crossed party and ideological lines to build a remarkable coalition of volunteers and supporters to soundly defeat a proposed local income tax.  He then ran for City Council in 2008 and won that too.   Since then, he has served as a de facto leader, moving the City Council in a more pragmatic and fiscally conservative direction, and away from the “Pay no attention to that former mayor behind the curtain” leadership void created by current Mayor Paul Schreiber.

City Council, Ward 1:  Ricky Jefferson (D), a first-time officeseeker.  The Designated Conservative was very impressed with Mr. Jefferson when we met at a candidate function back in May.  The other two perennial candidates in this race have offer nothing more than the same tired, incurious, and mediocre level of representation that we must avoid going back to if Ypsilanti is going to survive the coming lean years.

City Council, Ward 2:  Dan Vogt (D), the only candidate actually eligible to serve on City Council, since Mayor Schreiber’s hand-picked candidate has conflicts with a (lousy) law called the Hatch Act.

City Council, Ward 3:  Brian Robb (D), a bright light on City Council who deserves to be re-elected.

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7 Responses to Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co. 2010 Primary Election Picks

  1. John Taylor says:

    Give me a break! He voted for TARP, the Cash for Clunkers train wreck and the takeover of GM. How is he the “right candidate”. He’s a RINO, and that’s the last thing Michigan needs!

    “Pete Hoekstra (R) is a conservative former business executive who happens to be the right candidate with the right experience to be successful as Governor, right now.”

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, John. Here’s my take on the candidates for Governor on the Republican side:

    Tom George is a nice guy and a good doc, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a successful candidate or a good Governor.

    Mike Cox just has too much ammunition for the other side in his closet. If he’s nominated, the Democrats will just keep doing what his fellow republicans have been doing to wear him down, only even worse. Besides, no matter what his spouse may have forgiven (or not), a man who cheats on his wife is a man of questionable decision-making skills in my book. We don’t need a Bill Clinton as Michigan Governor.

    Rick Snyder is taking campaign advice from “independent” Joe Schwarz, and is actively campaigning for Democrat votes in the upcoming republican primary. ‘Nuff said!

    Mike Bouchard speaks well and comes across as an everyman. Something about him just doesn’t sit well with me – I can’t put my finger on it per se, but there’s something missing from Bouchard that I feel Pete Hoekstra has, which will make him the better candidate this fall and the better Governor for Michigan.

    I’m not thrilled that Pete voted for TARP, etc., but then I wasn’t thrilled about George W. Bush’s failure to rein in spending and veto more bills when I voted for him in 2004. Bush was the best candidate for President then, just as Pete Hoekstra is “right now” for Michigan Governor.

  3. Forest City says:

    You know that the Detroit Free Press endorsed Mike Cox because they feel he is easiest to beat. Lots of baggage. Even my mom, who doesn’t follow the issues closely, but is Republican, said there’s something about him (Cox) that I don’t trust. There’s been a lot of underhanded and ugly attacks in this campaign. I wouldn’t put it past Cox to do anything to get elected.

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