let your light so shine

Originally posted 11/7/2008 – Worth a repeat!

We designated conservatives must be a light in the darkness, wherever we may be.  I live in a one-party neighborhood in a one-party community.  All local elections are settled in the Democratic Party primary, not in the general election.  The last Republican to hold local elective office here was booted out more than 20 years ago.

Am I discouraged?  

No. I hold my candle of conservative values high.  My Democrat friends and neighbors know what I believe, and respect me for them, because I share my beliefs in a respectful way.  More importantly, the light of this candle in the darkness is reflected in the eyes of those of my neighbors who are still in-the-closet, afraid of what our liberal neighbors will say if they’re exposed as conservatives.

If we designated conservatives don’t stand up for our values, who will?

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