More Liberal Ignorance on Parade

The Designated Conservative has many liberal friends and neighbors, and so hears often these learned men and women making completely ignorant comments about the Tea Party movement.

Serious discussions of “what tea partiers and those conservatives really believe” occur in my presence, usually without any basis in fact or personal experience on the part of the liberal commentators.

I am frequently amazed at…

…the level of ignorance and willingness to remain so on the part of these otherwise normal individuals.  I am also amazed at the depth of fabricated detail to which my liberal friends and neighbors will use to “prove” their comments, as if reality is exactly what we choose to make it.

I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised – after all, the average liberal mind today is basically the end product of several generations of increasing superficial public education combined with a generous helping of cable television.

In case my readers are wondering what brought these thoughts to the fore, it was reading our local liberal blogger Mark Maynard’s post answering the question, “Will the Republican Party survive the Tea Party?

I suspect that neither Mr. Maynard nor the original author of the Mother Jones piece have spent any quality time at a local Tea Party movement meeting or event.  The ignorance comes across in the writing, especially when such simple facts as which candidates for MI Governor were supported by Tea Party groups.  The authors got this fact (and many others) woefully wrong.

However, I am also sure that they’ve unknowingly rubbed elbows with many “tea partiers” since 2009, because folks in the Tea Party movement are nothing more or less than our neighbors who also happen to now be energized conservative voters, motivated by alarm at the blatant disregard for our country’s founding principles and frustration aimed at (mostly) Democrat leaders who display an “all for me and my friends” mentality to governing.

For more background on the Tea Party movement, check out Tea Party, Defined and out original early 2009 entry on the “Chicago Tea Party.”

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