Teach like it’s 1979

An oldie but a goodie – reposted for your reading pleasure!

The blogger “A Conservative Teacher” has posted a great piece on a recent Vietnam War assembly that speaks volumes to the state of our public education system.  I encourage you to check it out.  Here is an excerpt:

the students were really excited for this- they were talking in the classroom before the presentation about how it would be great to see some real heroes, about how it would be a great chance to learn real history and not the modified liberalized version they usually hear. So the students all crowded into the auditorium, full of excited chatter. (emphasis added)

And then the speakers will come out to speak to the students. The opening line of the presentation was “We support the troops, but that doesn’t mean we support war.” It went downhill after there– the speakers were all anti-Vietnam war protesters and anti-Vietnam war veterans.

As the presentation went on,…

…the background chatter and attentive looks on students faces slowly faded away, to be replaced by the usual blank vacant stare that students assume on being brainwashed by leftism…

Reading the post took me back, way back to the Carter years.  For those that lived through them, they were unforgettable.  Stagflation, the Misery Index, Walter Cronkite’s 444 nightly reminders of the Iran hostage crisis, and the disastrous military rescue attempt that ended at Desert One.  It also took me to my memory of a group of high school teachers who, in 1979, would’ve happily sponsored the very same event.

  • Who are we as taxpayers that we continue to subsidize a public school system that has failed so completely at responding to the changing needs of our children?  There are alternatives and even more alternatives after all!
  • Who are we as a nation that we allow such mediocrity and shallowness of thought to be passed on to our children in our public schools?
  • Who are we as parents that we accept the indoctrination of our children by zealous partisans under the guise of education?
  • Who are we as a conservative movement that we continue to meekly yield to the left the high ground of teaching the coming generation about the true principles upon which our country was founded? – that is life, liberty, freedom, and limited government.
  • Who are we as a community that we accept such shoddy and outmoded teaching as described by A Conservative Teacher?

Wake up, America! It’s no longer 1979. Our military is no longer the post-Vietnam shadow it once was, and Vietnam is no longer the last war we fought – although it fortunately remains the only war we fought to lose.  We are at war with an enemy the likes of which we haven’t experienced before, and yet we are winning.  We have so much to be proud of with regards to our military, our country, and our veterans.  For teachers to continue to pretend that it’s 1979 is educational malpractice, and it is up to us to let them know.

Wake up American teachers! It’s no longer acceptable for you to teach

…how students need to always end wars and agitate against any war that we are engaged in (and) how it was patriotic to be against America…

Wake up American parents! Be aware of what your children are being taught.  Arrange to visit their classrooms, and be prepared to intervene to help your child be successful.  The hearts and minds of our children are under assault, and the institutional knowledge that is so necessary for the success of our “government of the people, by the people, for the peopleis being lost as our public schools have radicalized the curriculum.

Wake up American taxpayers! Our tax dollars are supporting criminally mediocre public schools that are failing to prepare our children for college, the workplace, and even simply to function as thinking and reasoning adults in our society.

UPDATE: Well, something has changed in teaching since 1979 after all.  I read a bit further into A Conservative Teacher’s blog and found this gem.

I’m so glad I read 1984 recently- I actually hadn’t read it until a couple years ago- in high school, the advanced students didn’t read Animal Farm and 1984, and instead read highly intelligent liberal drivel. But my brother and I often talk about these books nowdays, as America sadly descends into the fascism and socialism that was described in them.

One of my brother’s disagree’s with me- he says it won’t be 1984 that we see, but rather a Brave New World- happy, fluffy, smiley-faced fascism. This actually fits with an earlier post of mine called “Happy-Nicing Ourselves into Dictatorship.”- Maybe there is something here- doped up kids, random sex, mindless entertainment, no morality or religion. Just gnostic overlords ruling over us stupid masses- a heartless, ghastly prison, with walls painted up with bright murals of MLK and Mother Earth singing kumbya. Kind of like the school I teach at right now!

At least in 1979 those high school teachers I mentioned above were still requiring their students to read George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984.  Brave New World wasn’t on the required list, but was recommended reading.

“Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike.  No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs.  The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”  – Orwell, Animal Farm

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4 Responses to Teach like it’s 1979

  1. Nick says:

    Yeah, but 1979 brought the world… well… me?


    • …ahhhh, a Skylab baby. I’m glad that *something good* came out of that less than auspicious year in U.S. history.

      I forgot to mention NASA’s contributions to 1979. Among other indignities, Americans watched as our Apollo-program-spare-parts Space Station came down early due to miscalculations regarding solar flare activity and repeated delays in NASA’s fledgling Space Shuttle program. It burned up in the atmosphere, raining pieces down over parts of Australia.

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