2010 General Election – Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County

This Designated Conservative has a .545 batting average in picking favorites for the August 2010 primary election here in Washtenaw County.  An outstanding baseball stat, it is far less impressive as an election statistic.

Choosing who to vote for in a primary election was made more difficult than usual this year because conservatives and republicans had many more good choices than in past years.  For this November’s general election, the choices are easier:

  • If you believe as I do in constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility, Vote Republican.
  • If you believe, as the founders of this country did, that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights to life (which means from conception and birth through health, illness, and elderhood), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (which the founders thought of as land or property, in that age of farmers); Vote Republican.
  • If you believe in the First and Second Amendments, as written; Vote Republican.
  • If you believe that you made a serious mistake in 2008 by either staying home or casting a conservative protest vote against the free-spending ways of the 2000-2006 class of Washington, D.C. Republicans and their enabler, President “Where did I leave that veto pen” George W. Bush; Vote Republican.
  • If you are a conservative who has become disgusted and disillusioned with both Democrats and Republicans and think that all politicians are the same; Vote Republican – many of whom are first-time citizen candidates inspired by the Tea Party movement – and then do your part by following up after they are in office to help them stay on the conservative path!

Here are this Designated Conservative’s picks for the November election:

Michigan Governor:  Rick Snyder (R) –  “Why,” you ask?  “How can you? – he’s no conservative,” you say?  Because primaries matter and any protest vote for a minor party candidate is nothing more than a vote for the third term of Jennifer Granholm in Democrat Virg Bernero.

Michigan Supreme Court – Justice Robert Young and Judge Mary Beth Kelly.  Governor Jennifer Granholm made a secret deal with recently retired and seriously disaffected Justice Weaver to squeeze Justice Alton Davis on to the bench in the nick of time to be called an incumbent.  He is not – he is at best a carpetbagger.  Judge Kelly and Justice Young are the conservative voices we need on the Supreme Court.

Washtenaw County Commisioner, District #6 – David Raaflaub (R).  Current Commisioner Ronnie Peterson (D), Ypsilanti Twp. has completely failed to adequately represent his mostly City of Ypsilanti district.  This deficit was made far worse this summer when word came down of his involvement (as determined by a federal court in Detroit) with sexual harassment of female tenants in his city rental homes by his business partner and relative.

15th District U.S. Congress:  Dr. Robert Steele (R) –  Finally, the republicans have nominated a candidate who can take on the congressman-for-life and Dump Dingell this November!

54th District State Representative:  Richard Deitering (R) – The next state legislature is responsible for the once-per-decade redrawing of legislative districts.  This Designated Conservative has read the election tea leaves and believes that our humble 54th District could hold the key vote needed to take control of the Michigan House.  A vote for Rick Deitering will help elect conservative candidates across the state in 2012 and beyond!

However, if you are one of our liberal readers who simply cannot stand the notion of voting republican this year, we have an answer for you:  Vote for independent David Palmer, an alternative to the Democrat’s same-old-same-old moldy ideas, as exemplified by the current officeholder (Alma Wheeler Smith) and nominee (Mr. Rutledge).

City Charter General Revision and City Bus Millage/Charter Proposal: This Designated Conservative is recommending a “No!” vote on all tax proposals – under our Depressocratic Michigan economy, now is simply not the time to ask voters for their last dollar (more below)….

Every 10 years, the Ypsilanti City Charter comes up for a renewal vote, along with election of a city charter commission.  The City Charter does need updating to move local elections to a non-partisan ballot and reduce the excessive length of City Council terms.

Unfortunately, the proposed City Charter Commission’s candidates (above) are dominated by former Mayor Cheryl Farmer (architect of our city’s current Water Street Redevelopment debacle), former Councilmember John Gawlas and their cronies – the very folks who wrote the current flawed charter.  Farmer and Gawlas should not be given another opportunity to do more damage.

UPDATED RECOMMENDATIONS:  This Designated Conservative recommends a “No!” vote on the charter question, while hedging our bets by also recommending votes for conservative local attorney Karen Quinlan Valvo and write-in candidates Kim Porter-HoppeRodney Nanney, Karen McConnell, James Fink, and Robert Doyle as additional conservative votes for this commission.

Library Millage Hike and Library Board: The Ypsilanti District Library Board had the temerity to cast a unanimous vote to put a big tax hike on the November ballot!  Let’s send a message back to the Library Board to get their fiscal house in order without picking our pockets by voting “No!” on the tax hike, and casting a vote only for the non-incumbent candidate, Marsha Kraycir!

Michigan Constitutional Convention: Every 16 years a proposal for a constitutional convention must be placed on the ballot.  Our state constitution could use a tune-up, but conservative estimates suggest that a “yes” vote on this proposal could cost the state $50 Million or more and paralyze state government for much of the next year.  The voter-approved amendment process is cumbersome, but it has proved to work, so fiscal prudence says this is a “No!” vote.

Ypsilanti School District and Washtenaw Community College Board: Vote against the incumbents is our general rule – at least until our school district and WCC Board become more fiscally conservative!

UPDATE:  Since posting this “anti-incumbent” recommendation for Ypsilanti School Board, I have received additional information on the candidates.  With that in mind, I have revised my recommendations to give a tentative nod to Board Chair David Bates for re-election, while keeping my anti-incumbent strategy with a recommendation for Ellen Champagne.

In the case of the WCC Board, the two incumbents up for election have shown themselves to be the most effective of a very mediocre group, so they may deserve another term.  A difficult call…..

State Board of Education and University Boards: This Designated Conservative will return to our initial recommendation for all of these races:  VOTE REPUBLICAN ON NOVEMBER 2nd!

POSTSCRIPT:  If you’re still carrying the water for President Obama, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, and 15th District U.S. Congressman John Dingell, then…

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5 Responses to 2010 General Election – Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County

  1. Admin says:

    “If you are a conservative who has become disgusted and disillusioned with both Democrats and Republicans and think that all politicians are the same; Vote Republican?”

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How about the US Taxpayers party that actually stands on the constitution? http://www.ustpm.org

    I am as conservative as you can get, but I refuse to become insane. I will vote on principles only, instead of the rhetoric that Repubs use that they are conservative. They are conservative to get elected into office, then they vote which way the wind blows. No more for me.

    Vote for constitutionalists who are conservatives who vow to follow the constitution.

    US Taxpayers Party is the state affiliate of the national http://www.ConstitutionParty.com on the national level. Conservative constitutionalists. Thats what I am looking for. Tea party members would be wise to start to endorse 3rd party members to take our nation back instead of compromising their core beliefs.

    • Thank you for your comments. I agree that we should find and support the best conservative candidates available. My friends who lead groups in the Tea Party movement have said clearly and repeatedly that they do not wish to see the Tea Party become a separate political party. That decision was emphasized by the response of Rattle With Us, the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus and other Tea Party groups to the Michigan Democrat Party’s scheme to create a fake “The TEA Party” to siphon off unsuspecting conservative votes in November. I’m grateful for their efforts and the success of Oakland Co. Clerk and republican Secretary of State candidate Ruth Johnson in uncovering the Democrat’s attempted election fraud and stopping it dead.

      This year, if we are going to turn state and federal governments from the Democrat’s socialist program back to the principles of constitutionally limited government it is essential to elect conservative Republican candidates. However, that is not the end. Beginning in January, I hope and expect that the good people of the Tea Party movement, many of whom are now newly elected Republican Party precinct delegates and diligent campaign volunteers, will stand behind these new officeholders and watch them closely. I would hope that they will also watch those Democrats that get elected, and seek to move them towards fiscal responsibility and away from liberal largess. That is how we will succeed in turning the ship of state away from the rocks and into safe waters over the next two years.

      Third parties serve a purpose in this country, and one or more may become a major party at some point. If the republicans fail to follow the conservative path laid out by the Tea Party movement, that time could come soon – but not this year and not this election cycle.

  2. ronannarbor says:

    Thanks for the great rundown — there were a few areas I was wavering, but your logic here is clear. Thank you!….

    Can’t wait to get the Republicans back in place. Balance needs to be restored.

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