2010 Election Postscript

This Designated Conservative managed to up his election batting average a good bit, thanks to the Tea Party movement and American’s waking up to President Obama/Governor Granholm’s twin federal and state Depressocratic policies!

Out of the candidates I supported in my general election ballot, 21 out of 28 were elected – an unprecedented…

… .750 success average!  Congratulations to our new statewide republican leadership in Michigan, and to our local winners in Washtenaw County!

Add in those five additional out-county candidates I recommended for the August primary election and who won their races this week and my success rate goes up to .787….

From our Facebook page this morning:

The unofficial results of Tuesday’s general election show very positive results for Washtenaw County republicans and our designated conservatives:  Washtenaw republicans gained two seats in the Michigan House (Mark Ouimet in the 52nd district and Rick Olson in the 55th!), and gained a third seat on the County Commission with Dan Smith‘s solid win over incumbent Ken Schwartz.  Kudos also go to republican Brian Shelby for winning a tight race in Augusta Twp.’s special election for Twp. Trustee.  <span>Nice job</span>!

Just across the border in western Wayne County Patrick Colbeck won the 7th district state Senate race with a nice margin – a big win also for the Tea Party movement and the local Rattle With Us group!

It’s disappointing to wake up to news of another term granted to the Congressman-for-life John Dingell in the 15th District U.S. House race.  It’s unfortunate that southeast Michigan will not have an energetic, fiscally conservative, MAJORITY PARTY representative in Congress come January, instead of a minority dinosaur already stripped of his committee leadership and left behind by his departing Democrat colleagues.

However, Dr. Rob Steele’s unprecedented vote tallies and the extreme measures to which Dingell had to resort to keep his seat offer some hope that may have seen the last of Mr. Dingell as a candidate.  An open seat with a virtual army of Democrat wanna-be’s beating one another up and burning through campaign cash in a bruising primary battle while Dr. Steele makes a second run in 2012 is the vision this Designated Conservative has decided to keep in mind this morning….

Michigan’s statewide races were also good for conservatives, with republicans sweeping the Democrats out of all leadership positions, from the Governor’s Office to the Michigan House – as well as taking back a working majority on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Now the hard work begins.  We designated conservatives must both actively support our and actively watch over these elected officials…..

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