Letter to Senator Randy Richardville

Senator Richardville,

Congratulations on your win in the 17th district, and your selection as new Senate Majority Leader.  I urge you to remember why you are in the majority and in leadership.  It is because of a wave of energized conservatives in this state, many part of the Tea Party movement, who more than made the difference in putting a republican majority in the Michigan House and returning a larger majority in the state Senate.

Among this group can be found union members, but no union leaders; conservative teachers, but not the MEA; and many conservative independents, but few of the chattering class of Lansing insiders.

I urge you to remember that you serve the people, and as Senate Majority Leader your new “district” includes every conservative voter who voted for a member of your super-majority class of state senators.  Follow them and you will do fine. Lead as outgoing leader Mike Bishop did and you will be successful.  Listen to the Tea Party-associated newcomers like Patrick Colbeck and you will do even better.

Propose or support state “revenue enhancements” or anything that even has the appearance of a new tax or tax hike, and…

…you will be forever known as the man who threw away the republican majority for a generation.

We have a republican majority in Michigan because the other side proved to be grossly incompetent.  We have a short 18-month window to show that we can be trusted to govern in a constitutionally conservative and fiscally prudent manner. Please do so.

Respectfully submitted,

Designated Conservatives

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