A New Third Party for 2012?

This Designated Conservative went to the local Post Office this afternoon to mail (very late) Christmas cards to friends and colleagues, and who was standing out front?  A group of three nice folks being paid by the signature to gather signatures to

establish a new “America Elects” political party in Michigan.

They already had quite a collection of signatures, and their pitch sounded like something straight out of the astroturf Coffee Party organizing handbook:

  1. Brew your words dark to look like a fine American Tea (party);
  2. Add plenty of sugary ideas about how “we need more choices to vote for…”; and
  3. Drop in a few progressive phrases to make sure your liberal Democrat audience knows how things really are…..

Do we have another potential fake Tea Party brewing in Michigan? There certainly appears to be plenty of money behind the effort, and the presence of paid signature gatherers working the liberal bastion that is this Designated Conservative’s hometown suggest that they’re aiming well to the left-of-center on the political map…..

However, a bit more surfing around the soon-to-be Obaminternet reveals that this new political party is attempting to link up the two groups who lost the most in the 2010 electionsRINO republicans and Blue-Dog Democrats.

Here is a bit more of the rest of the story excerpted from “A New Third Party?” by Jim Meyer at RedCounty.com:

(T)he more visible of the two groups involved in this effort, a group that calls itself “No Labels”, is being fronted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mark McKinnon, a former adviser to President George W. Bush (and a former Democrat).  Such notable–and notorious–Northeastern center-left pseudo-Republicans as former Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman have also been linked with No Labels and its third-party aspirations. …

While America Elects makes no secret of its third-party aspirations, No Labels organizers publicly insist that their group has no such intentions.  But privately, Mr. McKinnon and others connected with No Labels have indicated a very strong interest in organizing a center-left third party.  Mayor Bloomberg, who presumably would be the first Presidential candidate from this proposed third party, stands to be the biggest beneficiary of this effort.

The individuals behind No Labels and America Elects share a strong disdain for fiscal–and especially social–conservatives who dominate the Tea Party/9.12 Movement and who, in their opinion, have “hijacked” the GOP and usurped their “rightful” positions of power within the party.  Mr. Johnson notes in his report that these people are bound and determined to destroy the Republican Party; and if they can’t do it from the inside, they’ll try to do it from the outside.

The folly of this entire proposition, as Mr. Johnson astutely notes in his report, is the simplistic and erroneous assumption on the part of the organizers of No Labels and America Elects that, by process of elimination, independent voters are automatically center-left.  …

Even if the No Labels/America Elects assumptions about the ideological inclinations of independent voters were correct, the simple arithmetic of the relevant polling data would still strongly indicate that, on the surface, at least, a center-left third party would be a losing proposition.

That is, unless the objective of this new party is to isolate, neutralize and defeat conservatives; which in fact, it is.

Read even more about this story here:  http://floydreports.com/rinos-plan-a-third-party/.

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