An Unconstitutional Presidency and the (Non) Defense of Marriage

So, President Obama has taken yet another step into unconstitutional, banana republic territory by directing the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder to cease defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act in court.  For more on this Designated Conservative‘s view on the gay marriage debate, click here or visit:

THE SOUTH END (Wayne State University; Detroit, Michigan) published an excellent article on this topic today (excerpts below):

Obama’s DOMA stance causes mixed feelings

by Eric Skibbe and Isaac Elster / The South End

Gay and lesbian activists throughout metro Detroit are celebrating the Obama Administration’s decision to end support for the current federal ban on gay marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act.

“Just one more victory in the march towards full equality for the gay and lesbian community nationwide,” former Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey said in an article for the Daily Tribune, which serves Southeastern Oakland County.

Covey is the state’s first openly gay politician to hold a position in Michigan.

“Society is moving inexorably toward full equality and legitimacy for the (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, and this is just one more step in that direction,” he said.

Michigan currently still holds a ban on same-sex marriage.

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan and co-author of the state’s Marriage Protection Amendment, said Obama’s decision was mostly irrelevant in terms of its legal effect.

“Neither side of this issue trusted or believed the Obama Administration when it previously purported to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court despite the president’s stated support for repealing it,” he said. “We certainly didn’t trust or depend on an aggressively pro-homosexual-agenda administration’s half-hearted legal defense of one-man, one-woman marriage.

“(DOMA) — which Obama now declares illegitimate, indefensible and unconstitutional — was signed into law by his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton, after passing both houses of Congress with overwhelmingly bipartisan, veto-proof support,” Glenn said.

Glenn also said Obama’s position indicts the majority of Democrat voters — including Clinton, Vide President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senator Carl Levin, D-Mich. — who voted for DOMA.

He said DOMA is also consistent with the classic definition of Christian marriage’s overwhelming support, which has been reflected in the popular votes through marriage protection amendments have been placed in the constitutions of 30 states.

“And he’s clearly wrong in attempting to radically redefine the institution of marriage, which has proven over thousands of years to be the foundational building block of society and a great civilizing instrument for men and source of security, stability and safety for women and children,” Glenn said.

He said it was also notable that Obama’s stance is at odds with most African-Americans’ for whom support of the classic Christian definition of marriage and opposition to homosexual behavior “is stronger among African-Americans than among any other racial demographic of our citizenry.”

To read the entire article, visit:

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