Help solve Rick Santorum’s Google problem

To learn more about conservative presidential candidate Rick Santorum, check out his Facebook page or visit

A Rick Santorum fan is trying to help repair a problem with Google Search caused by a liberal hacker who is manipulating Google’s ranking system to bury Rick’s official site links under a mountain of Leftist nastiness:

Rick Santorum is a God-fearing man who wants to save unborn children and protect traditional marriage. Because of this, radical left-wing activists launched a Google-bombing campaign so that people searching for his name will find pages full of vile, disgusting filth instead.

What we can do as Christians is to fight back with a Google-bombing campaign of our own. We need to post as many links as we can to (his real site), to help it rise in the search engine ranks and beat the fake sites.

If you have control over any websites, blogs, facebook pages, or anything like that, post a link to, and help fight back against the gay agenda.

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4 Responses to Help solve Rick Santorum’s Google problem

  1. Connie Goodwin says:

    I was just beginning to think you were someone I might vote for and then your biggest contributor made the aspirin comment in reference to birth control. I AM SHOCKED AND DISGUSTED. I can’t believe your wife isn’t shocked too and also disgusted. I cannot vote for someone who associates with such low life.

  2. Earl H Smith says:

    Rick’s Religion Addiction is dangerous and will get him into trouble. A Religion Addiction leads to
    hateful things and warring, and to calling a president names. Religion equals hatred and harm!!!
    Rick: Grow up and become an atheist!

  3. You are a sanctimonious phony.
    The Michigan robo call id deplorable.
    What a creep who made that decision.

  4. Frank Swarbrick says:

    The first three comments show up the ignorance of those making the comment. Rick Santorum is a straight-forward Conservative running for the Presidency nomination.
    Rick is also a faithful and loyal Catholic. Does this disqualify him? If this proves the case, I reckon America will be in real trouble. Back to the old bigotory of yesteryear of job advertising that used to state; ‘Roman Catholics need not apply’. So much for ‘Freedom of Religion’. Keep battling Rick, our future President. You are on the side of the Angels!

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