Join the Designated Conservatives on Facebook

The Designated Conservatives Facebook Page is now live!

Every party includes at least one. You know, that guy nursing a Coke instead of a beer.  The girl who stays sober while her friends get stupid.  The one holding the keys, ready to help their friends return home safely.

The Designated Driver.

Every  political party needs one too…

The Designated Conservative.

Click here to join the Designated Conservatives on Facebook! Make yourself comfortable – there are sodas in the fridge, munchies on the counter, and comfy couches in the living room.

We designated conservatives must be a light in the darkness, wherever we may be. With that in mind, this Designated Conservative is embarking on a new venture, of which our presence on Facebook is but a small first step.

We’re taking a page out of Barack Obama’s “Obama/Organizing for America” playbook by establishing a permanent organization dedicated to:

  1. electing conservative candidates;
  2. growing the conservative base; and
  3. educating individuals on conservative principles.

So, what’s a Designated Conservative? Join us on Facebook to find out more!

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