America needs a President who is a little more Like Sarah….

Go Sarah!

So many mainstream news sources are touting polls showing Gov. Sarah Palin as receiving only tepid support in a possible run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012.

What a shock, after so many of those same programs have conducted the most egregious and nasty smear campaign against a national political figure since William Randolph Hearst!

This Designated Conservative is certainly not set on any one candidate for 2012, but…

Governor Palin is high on my short list.  I hope she runs, and I hope she stays in the race through all of the vitriol and nastiness that will inevitably come her way from the day she announces her candidacy.

We need a President that can take such nastiness with a disarming smile and a healthy sense of humor.

We need a President who understands America and can articulate a positive vision for the future of our country without need of a Teleprompter.

We need a President who is self-confident, self-deprecating, and self-aware enough to understand that he or she is not the center of the Universe, no matter how many people may try to say otherwise.

We need a President like Sarah Palin.

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8 Responses to America needs a President who is a little more Like Sarah….

  1. Kurt says:

    Why? She’ll only quit after two years!

    • Raymond says:

      Not all quitters are failures. You are blind and is just a piece of shit. Sarah Palin quitter paved the way for GOP majority in the congress and will further lead to the eventual downfall of Obama the Manchurian US president. Hahahahaha! Wait for this, Craphead!!

    • William Shipley says:

      That’s of course, absurd. But on the other hand, if she generated a budget surplus, shored up government pensions, put money aside for future education spending, increased drilling and energy production, put together the largest private sector pipeline project and fulfilled her campaign promises in 2 1/2 years, then maybe it wouldn’t be seen as a failure, but as an overachiever.

  2. RebinTexas says:

    Designated Conservative,

    Great article – I would only add – we don’t need someone like Sarah Palin – we do, in fact, need her. No one else has her principled values, is as fiscally conservative, her fighting ability to get things done – and to reach out to others in such a way that they will understand she wants to do what is best for all of We The People.

    Kurt – Either you are a troll, a lib, or just have never studied the factual record. Your ignorance is quite telling.

    Thanks DCon

  3. don says:

    Why didn’t you just say we need a president who had a mindless reality TV show? good grief.. It’s hard to believe anyone could endorse someone like Palin or Trump or Romney for president. Actually, Trump does come off like he’s the “center of the universe” I’m not sure Palin has a concept of the universe, and as for Romney it’s the Celestial Kingdom, and when someone suscribes to that nonsense, you have to wonder if they really should be president.

    No thanks to all of them.

    • Don, Mr. Trump is the center of his universe – no surprise there. I assume by “Celestial Kingdom” you are referring to Heaven as in the place where God dwells. Personally, this Designated Conservative would be thrilled to have a President back in the White House who has a solid understanding of “Heaven” and a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As for Gov. Palin, I would encourage all leftists in this country to just go on underestimating her – right up until Nov. 7, 2012. I hope she runs, but whether or not she does Sarah Palin will have as much or likely far more positive impact on the success of conservative candidates next year as she did in 2010.

  4. don says:

    Well the people in Alaska did love the gov until she quit when she realized could make more money, and the right should embrace that but they don’t in her case. She pretty much cost McCain the election as it exposed his judgement by picking her in the first place. I would hope she would have a more positive impact on the success of conservative candidates as she did in 2010 as she couldn’t have cost the election more than she did. Her choice for VP was catastrophic for McCain.

    As far as the “Celestial Kingdom” goes, all I have to say is that I guess you don’t know any mormons or what they believe in. I live in mormon country. Half 0f my family are mormons. No I wasn’t referring to a place where God dwells as you put it. I was referring to the “Celestial Kingdom” as mormons understand it and call it. (you’re clearly out of the loop) If someone running for president (Romney) subscirbes to that monkey business, then you have to question his judgement in general as a lot if not all of the right wing Bible thumpers just won’t have it. Not sure they would consider it a solid understanding of Heaven. Far from it.

    It cracks me up when so called conservatives try to be open minded/ liberal when it comes to religion. It’s just one of those things that you can’t really be vauge on. Obama has been clear about his Christianity. He is about as mainstream as you can get when it comes to Christianity and yet there are those who stand in judgement of his testimony. That’s not very Christian in my view.

    Could it be that Christianity isn’t really for black people? Was it mormon President Spencer Kimball who God spoke to on the subject in the 70s to allow non white people in only after pressure from the civil rights movment?

    Why are you saying you’d be thrilled to have a president back in the White House who has a solid understanding of Heaven and a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Obama has been clear about his faith. He’s not Christian enough for you?

  5. sheryll says:

    Obama, a christian? My god man, are all Americans as dumb as you? Do you people really think that he has forsaken his muslum background? He is a socialist and the fact that he will not put his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem shows he has no respect for this country. No Christian that I know would do such an overt act of disrespect. I do not care what he
    “says” about his faith, his actions speak volumes. We The People had better WAKE UP and make some noise before our voices are permanently muted! We need anyone but him in the office of the President. If he so openly disrespects our country, what are other countries supposed to think? Come on, tell me, I want someone to explain WHY he refuses to show respect for this country?

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