Pete Hoekstra, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Man

This MI Designated Conservative was once a fan of Congressman Pete Hoekstra. I once cast my ballot in a primary election to nominate him to be our next Governor. No more.

Mr. Hoekstra began this campaign with an embarrassingly awful SuperBowl ad. True to form, he is ending this primary season with an ad straight out of the Barack Obama/Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid playbook.

I will not dignify it with a link.

Mr. Hoekstra has proved beyond all doubt to be an inept and ham-handed campaigner. His years of running virtually unopposed in a 95% MIGOP district have not served him well.

All he has in his tiny arsenal is mud-slinging and blatant falsehoods.

Mr. Hoekstra, you have run as lousy a primary campaign for U.S. Senate as you did for Governor in 2010.

Should you secure enough Democrat crossover votes in Tuesday’s primary to defeat your more conservative opponents, I would like to make a prediction:

Should Pete Hoekstra become the MIGOP nominee for U.S. Senate, he will run a lackluster campaign against Do Nothing Debbie Stabenow, and will lose by 5 points in November – even as the state leans to the right to give Mitt Romney his margin of victory.

Go home to your Washington, D.C. law/lobbying gig, Mr. Hoekstra.

The very last thing we need in 2012 is another Big Government RINO in the U.S. Senate.

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