And the award for Most Vile Campaign 2012 goes to… …Pete Hoekstra!

This Designated Conservative just received the ugliest political campaign robo-call ever from Michigan GOP candidate Pete Hoekstra’s campaign for U.S. Senate, disguised as a telephone poll.

This one was no poll. It was a mud-slinging “do you still want to vote for the other guy after hearing this nasty rumor? How about if we add on this additional unsupported criminal accusation?”

I guarantee that I will never cast a vote for a candidate who allows his campaign to behave this way. If Pete Hoekstra should win his primary election on Tuesday, this Designated Conservative will do the unthinkable:

I would rather mark my November ballot for his Democrat opponent, Sen. Debbie Stabenow than to support any republican candidate who pulls a “PeteHoekstra” move like this in a primary election.

Step by step, Mr. Hoekstra’s lousy style of campaigning has turned this voter from a supporter in 2010 to a guaranteed “No Pete, No Way!” vote this November. Nice job, Mr. Hoekstra.

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