Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co. General Election Picks for 2012

This Designated Conservative occasionally gets asked, “Who are you voting for this November?”  Here are my favorites for the 2012 general election on November 6th:

U.S. President/Vice-President:

Mitt Romney (R) was not this designated conservative’s first choice for President, but he has proven himself to be the best candidate for the job.  His choice of Rep. Paul Ryan for Vice-President was brilliant, and (hopefully) reflects the good sense he will use in selecting his Cabinet officers.  I may have come late to his party, but I am thrilled to mark my ballot for the Romney/Ryan team!

U.S. Senator:

Pete Hoekstra (R) is a conservative former business executive and former U.S. Congressman and former failed candidate for Governor.  Pete seems to be a decent fellow, and his business background is attractive.

However, his many years of campaigning in a 95% republican congressional district appear to have left him with a flawed understanding of what a “winning” campaign looks and feels like.  He ran a terrible campaign for MI Governor in 2010, and appears to be working hard to repeat his failure in 2012 against an all-too-beatable Do-Nothing Debbie Stabenow.

Pete certainly is an improvement over Debbie, I suppose, and he certainly will need every vote he can get on Election Day.  Personally, I just cannot bring myself to vote for the guy, because I do not want to encourage him to run for statewide public office ever again.  The Libertarian, Scott Boman, gets my nod in this race.

Michigan Supreme Court Justices: (Non-Partisan section of the ballot)

Justice Stephan Markman, Justice Brian Zahra, and Judge Colleen O’Brien are by are the best candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court.

Washtenaw Co. Circuit Court Judge: (also on the Non-Partisan section of the ballot)

My friend and neighbor, Jim Fink, is an excellent choice for circuit court judge to serve Washtenaw County.  Re-electing Judge Timothy Connors to the other circuit court judgeship on the ballot would also be a good thing for our county.

Michigan House:

State Representative, District 52 (everywhere else in Washtenaw Co.): Re-elect Mark Ouimet (R) is the way to go.

State Representative, District 54 (Ypsilanti City & Twp., plus Superior Twp):  Our current state rep, David Rutledge (D) has tried, but in a majority republican MI legislature, his influence on legislation has been nil (to be kind).  If eastern Washtenaw County wants to have real influence on state government policies and budget priorities, then electing Bill Emmerich (R) is the way to get that done.

Washtenaw Co. Water Resources Commissioner:

This Designated Conservatives happens to know both Eric Scheie (R) and Evan Pratt (D) personally.  Eric is a solid conservative who would rise to the challenge if elected, but my vote in this case goes to Evan Pratt, who has the stronger professional background for this position.

Washtenaw County Clerk/Register of Deeds:

There is no local candidate less deserving of re-election than our current Washtenaw Co. Clerk, Democrat Larry Kestenbaum.   Between embarrassing flubs and his own campaign finance reporting goofs, it is past time to elect more competent leadership for this important position.  Stan Watson (R) is the right person, running at the right time to do the job the way it should be done.

Washtenaw County Treasurer:

I have no major concerns with the conduct of our current County Treasurer, Catherine McClary (D), but when you have the chance to move from adequate to awesome, take it!  This Designated Conservative has watched Marlene Chockley (R) take on tough jobs for years and do them with distinction and poise.  She would make an excellent Treasurer.

Washtenaw County Commissioner:

District 3:  Alicia Ping (R) gets the nod in this head-to-head, all-incumbent race against old school Democrat Wes Prater.

District 5Rick Deitering (R) deserves your vote, and looooooong-time Democrat pol Rolland Sizemore deserves to be sent into retirement!

Ballot Proposals:

There are six ballot proposals to wade through this year, of which five are constitutional amendments.  There are many places where voters can learn more about the proposals; my favorites are here and here.  My advice?  When in doubt, vote “No!” on all constitutional amendments.

Here are my (slightly more specific) thoughts on the proposals:

Proposal 1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law

Public Act 4 (the emergency manager law) is working, as evidenced by the successes happening in Ecorse, Benton Harbor, and elsewhere.  The law is needed to clean up other municipal basket-cases, and the reason the Democrats don’t like it is because nearly all of the basket-case local governments have been run by entrenched one-party Democrat super-majorities for decades.  Vote “Yes!” to keep this successful law on the books!

Proposal 2: The ‘Collective Bargaining’ Amendment

A potential economic disaster for Michigan in the making.  Vote “NO!” and ask your friends to do the same.

Proposal 3: ’25 x 25′ Renewable Energy Standard

The Wild Leftist environmental mob is doubling down on ex-Gov. Granholm’s signature piece of legislation by trying to entrench these even more arbitrary “green energy” benchmarks into the state constitution, where they definitely do not belong.  Vote “No!” to protect the constitution from special interest SPAM!

Proposal 4: The Unionization of Home-Based Caregivers

The Big (public sector) Union thugs are pushing hard to keep their tax money siphoning scheme alive, after the republicans in the state legislature and Attorney General Bill Schuette finally turned off the tap.

This scheme (also a signature “accomplishment” of the worst modern Michigan Governor – Granholm) has already diverted $Millions from home care workers and their patients – vote “No!” to turn off the flow of our tax dollars to Big Union coffers.

Proposal 5: The Two-Thirds Majority Tax Limitation

This one is very tempting, but the potential unintended consequences of this amendment are enormous.  This Designated Conservative is voting no on #5.

Proposal 6: The International Bridge/Tunnel Voting Requirement

MI Gov. Rick Snyder (R) deserves a voter smackdown for his arrogant and foolish manipulations to find a way to take an end run around the elected representatives of the citizens of Michigan to get his “free” international bridge project approved via special agreements with Canada and the federal government.

Proposal #6 is that smackdown, and this Designated Conservative is highly motivated to send a message to the Governor that his actions on the bridge issue are unacceptable.

However, the same law of unintended consequences applies here as it does with #5 above, especially since the wording of the proposal is so lousy that it may actually require a vote of the people for any future bridge project in Michigan!  In the end, this Designated Conservative will likely vote “no” on #6.

City of Ypsilanti Charter Revision Question:

For our readers in the City of Ypsilanti, please hunt down the charter revision question on the ballot and vote “YES!” to adopt the updated Home Rule Charter proposed by the Ypsilanti Charter Revision Commission.

The new charter includes a number of common sense improvements, such as non-partisan elections for Mayor and City Council, that just might save this fair city from the mediocre and sometimes dangerously incompetent leadership that bubbled to the surface under the auspices of the current charter.

If you don’t like living under a massive (and growing) property tax burden in a city with a debt from a former Mayor’s failed redevelopment scheme that is several times larger than the entire annual budget, then this updated City Charter is for you!

The current charter completely disenfranchises 70% of the voters, leaving the wildest of Wild Leftist 30% to make the choices of who is in charge.  The new Charter, with a non-partisan ballot, has the potential to change the dynamic in City Hall for the better.

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1 Response to Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co. General Election Picks for 2012

  1. As a conservative in Ypsilanti Township, I find a couple of your picks to be unpalatable. Boman over Hoekstra? Seriously? Only a self-proclaimed “conservative” could take that approach. Conservatism is not something you label yourself, it is defined by your character, outlook, and moral make-up. I can’t endorse your choice of Boman, nor of Pratt over Scheie.

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