Do I stand with Cruz? …or Trump? …or Carson …or DraftRomney? …or GenericEstablishmentGOPCandidateB?

It is time for this Designated Conservative to take a positive stand. Oh, yes, I’ve emphatically stated that #Jeb! is off my list, and he is. I will not vote for the man, should he manipulate his way into the #GOP nomination.  I’m done with negative ninnies like Bush, Kasich, etc.  The GOP should be too.

My short list of preferred #GOP #POTUS candidates in 2016 has narrowed down to one: #TedCruzScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.30.31 AM

Yes, this is the guy I wrote about awhile back saying that I didn’t think he met the “natural born” standard in the U.S. Constitution.  I still think that the hypocritical #WildLeft will bring that issue up, but #MarkLevin’s analysis has convinced me that he’s OK to run.

I’m glad of that, because Ted Cruz is the real deal, small government constitutional conservative with the right political instincts and the ability to get his message out. He is running a top notch campaign. Like #Trump, he is not afraid of the Political Correctness Police or the State Run Media. Unlike Trump, his ego is of human size.

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