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The Real Constitutional Crisis

All of the hot wind coming out of the New York Times and Washington Post notwithstanding, the real constitutional crisis our country is facing is that our federal government is no longer a representative republic. We have lost that entirely. … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Washington Republicans

Dear Washington Republicans, Since you have (once again) forgotten, here is what the voters of America elected you to do: #1 – Repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Not part of it, not tweak it, and certainly not take ownership of … Continue reading

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Do I stand with Cruz? …or Trump? …or Carson …or DraftRomney? …or GenericEstablishmentGOPCandidateB?

It is time for this Designated Conservative to take a positive stand. Oh, yes, I’ve emphatically stated that #Jeb! is off my list, and he is. I will not vote for the man, should he manipulate his way into the … Continue reading

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Say it with me now: “I will never vote for Jeb! Bush for President.”

Please repeat after me: “I will never vote for Jeb Bush for President of these Unites States!”  Never.  No. Matter. What. Thank you.

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Run Jeb Bush, Run – somewhere else……

Run as a Democrat, Mr. Bush. Run for Governor in Florida again. Move to California or Senegal or some other third world country and offer to be dictator… …anything but a run for the #GOP POTUS nomination in 2016. Please. Continue reading

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Dear Michigan Republicans – Don’t Mess with the Electoral College!

Messing with the Electoral College is a constitutionally stupid idea. If you want to fix what’s wrong in Washington, D.C., start by repealing the 17th Amendment, which robbed states of their representation in Washington by taking the election of U.S. … Continue reading

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Ypsilanti Charter Revision Question Deserves a “Yes!”

The current charter completely disenfranchises 70% of the voters, leaving the wildest of Wild Leftist 30% to make the choices of who is in charge. The new Charter, with a non-partisan ballot, has the potential to change the dynamic in City Hall for the better. Continue reading

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What to do with all of these 2012 Michigan ballot proposals?

My advice? When in doubt, vote “No!” on all constitutional amendments. Continue reading

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Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co. General Election Picks for 2012

This Designated Conservative occasionally gets asked, “Who are you voting for this November?”  Here are my favorites for the 2012 general election on November 6th:

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And the award for Most Vile Campaign 2012 goes to… …Pete Hoekstra!

Step by step, Mr. Hoekstra’s lousy style of campaigning has turned this voter from a supporter in 2010 to a guaranteed “No Pete, No Way!” vote this November. Nice job, Mr. Hoekstra. Continue reading

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