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Do I stand with Cruz? …or Trump? …or Carson …or DraftRomney? …or GenericEstablishmentGOPCandidateB?

It is time for this Designated Conservative to take a positive stand. Oh, yes, I’ve emphatically stated that #Jeb! is off my list, and he is. I will not vote for the man, should he manipulate his way into the … Continue reading

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Run Jeb Bush, Run – somewhere else……

Run as a Democrat, Mr. Bush. Run for Governor in Florida again. Move to California or Senegal or some other third world country and offer to be dictator… …anything but a run for the #GOP POTUS nomination in 2016. Please. Continue reading

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Dear Michigan Republicans – Don’t Mess with the Electoral College!

Messing with the Electoral College is a constitutionally stupid idea. If you want to fix what’s wrong in Washington, D.C., start by repealing the 17th Amendment, which robbed states of their representation in Washington by taking the election of U.S. … Continue reading

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