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Day by Day is the Best Way

We all need a laugh each day, especially under Obamanation…. (more) Continue reading

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GM to Public: Mercury Switches in GM Clunkers ‘Not Our Problem’ Anymore

A “new” GM spokesperson is quotes below as saying that GM (the “new” one) “has never produced vehicles with mercury switches and has no mercury switch responsibility under the terms of the bankruptcy court order.” That’s a statement only a lawyer or a government bureaucrat could love, and apparently General Motors is now owned and run by both…. Continue reading

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UPDATE: Ypsilanti PRIDE…in Ann Arbor?

Only the Ann Arbor News would find it necessary to insert Ann Arbor into one of their precious few positive articles about Ypsilanti. This report displays once again the height of Ann Arbor-centrism and AArrogance that became the hallmark of AA News reporting, which is just one of the reasons the paper is leaving us in July.
Continue reading

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Climate Change News You Will Never Find on CNN/MSNBC

Ice is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap. Continue reading

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