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Misunderstanding Marriage’s Purpose Imperils Its Future

“This…view calls for a wholesale reevaluation of the logic and the arguments of the anti-same-sex marriage movement…. If the movement is not put on firmer footing…it will be but a memory in less than a decade.” Continue reading

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Breaking News! – California Marriage Amendment Upheld

The California Supreme Court today upheld Proposition 8’s ban on same-sex marriage but also ruled that gay couples who wed before the election will continue to be married under state law.
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Leadership Starts Here

Some of us truly are “born leaders,” with an innate understanding of how to lead, inspire, and bring out the best in others. However, I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to develop leadership skills, to grow their understanding of leadership, and to serve in leadership roles when called upon to do so. Let’s call these people “prepared leaders.” Recently, I witnessed an excellent example of “prepared leadership” in action at church on Sunday morning.
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Wir sind alle Mormonen (We are all Mormons)

The whole anti-Proposition 8 protest thuggery aimed at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has seemed to me to be misguided at best. The following article (WE ALL ARE MORMONS….by Rabbi Shifren) sums it up best, especially … Continue reading

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California Proposition 8 and the teachings of Jesus Christ

Apparently the large majority of voters in California still agree with my view. After all, in the year of Obamamania, gay marriage proponents had the best chance they may ever have to succeed, and they came up short. Continue reading

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