What’s a designated conservative?

Every party includes at least one.  You know, that guy nursing a Coke instead of a beer.  The girl who stays sober while her friends get stupid.  The one holding the keys, ready to help their friends return home safely.

The Designated Driver.

Every party needs one.  In the wake of Obamanation, the Republican Party surely does.

For those that drank the spiked Kool-Aid offered by the “move to the center/pander to the left” McCainiacs,for those that voted for Bush II because they downed his “compassionate conservative” homebrew, and even for those old-timers who accepted the fruity “No New Taxes” mixed-drink from Bush I, this is where you can find a safe ride home.  Make yourself comfortable – there are sodas in the fridge, munchies on the counter, and comfy couches in the living room.

Welcome to the home of a designated conservative of the Republican Party.

We designated conservatives must be a light in the darkness, wherever we may be. I live in a one-party neighborhood in a one-party community.  All local elections are settled in the Democratic Party primary, not in the general election.  The last Republican to hold local elective office here was booted out more than 20 years ago.

Am I discouraged?  No. I hold my candle of conservative values high.  My Democrat friends and neighbors know what I believe, and respect me for them, because I share my beliefs in a respectful way.  More importantly, the light of this candle in the darkness is reflected in the eyes of those of my neighbors who are still in-the-closet, afraid of what our liberal neighbors will say if they’re exposed as conservatives.

If we designated conservatives don’t stand up for our values, who will?

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We designated conservatives must be a light in the darkness, wherever we may be. With that in mind, this Designated Conservative is embarking on a new venture, of which our presence on Facebookis but a small first step. Much more to come!