Open Letter to Washington Republicans

Dear Washington Republicans,

Since you have (once again) forgotten, here is what the voters of America elected you to do:

#1 – Repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Not part of it, not tweak it, and certainly not take ownership of it!  Repeal Obamacare entirely, completely, and without exception – and do it using the exact same congressional procedures used by the Democrats to adopt it into law.

#2 – Enact common sense, patient-centered, market-driven healthcare reform aimed at allowing health insurance providers to sell policies across state lines, and expand the usefulness and availability of health savings accounts combined with high deductible insurance to serve as the go-to model for a health insurance system that will promote competition and drive down costs.

#3 – Drain the swamp that is our federal government’s healtcare systems (MediCare, MediCaid, VA, etc.).

Paul Ryan’s SwampCare bill does NONE of these things.  It is not even ObamaCare Lite – it is simply ObamaCare under republican ownership.  It is appalling how dense, blind, and deaf the GOP Congressional Leadership has to be to have come up with such a lousy bill AS A STARTING POINT.

The national republican party is truly dead.  Be sure to thank Paul Ryan for killing it.


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