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Misunderstanding Marriage’s Purpose Imperils Its Future

“This…view calls for a wholesale reevaluation of the logic and the arguments of the anti-same-sex marriage movement…. If the movement is not put on firmer footing…it will be but a memory in less than a decade.” Continue reading

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UPDATE: Pam Byrnes’ Quixotic Quest to Overturn Michigan’s “Proposal 8”

A state lawmaker from Washtenaw County is set to announce Saturday at a gay rights rally in Lansing the launch of a long-shot effort to amend the Michigan Constitution to allow same sex couples to marry.
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Breaking News! – California Marriage Amendment Upheld

The California Supreme Court today upheld Proposition 8’s ban on same-sex marriage but also ruled that gay couples who wed before the election will continue to be married under state law.
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The Subprime Marriage Crisis

While I empathize a great deal with same-sex couples and their desire to redefine marriage and claim its benefits, like subprime mortgages, in the long run investing in subprime marriage is a bad investment with the potential to be amplified through the complexity of society with disasterous long-term results that affect everyone. Continue reading

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HR 1913 CONGRESSIONAL INSANITY UPDATE: Hating, Harassing, Thought-Control, Intimidation, and, Speech-Chilling

It is often not opinionated heterosexuals doing the hating, harassing, thought-control intimidation and speech chilling these days, but militant homosexual activists. Lovers of free speech and free exercise of religion should awaken to the relentless effort of radical homosexual activists to validate their lifestyle by demonizing, criminalizing and silencing those who disagree with them. Continue reading

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Wir sind alle Mormonen (We are all Mormons)

The whole anti-Proposition 8 protest thuggery aimed at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has seemed to me to be misguided at best. The following article (WE ALL ARE MORMONS….by Rabbi Shifren) sums it up best, especially … Continue reading

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Trust in democracy?

What offends me as an American and a voter is when unelected judges short-circuit democracy with rulings like the one in California back in May. When judges legislate from the bench we are as likely to get a Dred Scott-like decision as we are a Brown v. Board of Education one. Anything that has to go through the scrutiny of a public vote or legislative action is more likely to stand the test of time. Continue reading

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California Proposition 8 and the teachings of Jesus Christ

Apparently the large majority of voters in California still agree with my view. After all, in the year of Obamamania, gay marriage proponents had the best chance they may ever have to succeed, and they came up short. Continue reading

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