Run Jeb Bush, Run – somewhere else……

Like a recurring nightmare, another Bush has arisen to claim title to the crown of 2016 #GOP frontrunner: former Florida Gov. “Jeb” Bush.

Frankly Mr. Bush, I don’t give a darn about your family name or your desire to carry on the “family business.” Your vaguely conservative-leaning fiscal and national security policy preferences combined with your #WildLeft proclivities in the areas of education, immigration and border security make you a lousy republican – but a first-rate Democrat Party nominee for President in 2016.

The first two Bush men were fine presidents on the foreign policy side at least; but both had a nasty tendency to do things domestically that infuriated their voters and demoralized the #GOP base into inaction and worse. The #GOP could not survive another Bush presidency.

Run as a Democrat, Mr. Bush. Run for Governor in Florida again. Move to California or Senegal or some other third world country and offer to be dictator… …anything but a run for the #GOP POTUS nomination in 2016. Please.

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